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Frequently Asked Questions

1.   There are so many different terms for 'pay' in the industry.

How do I figure out how much I will make? 

Great question! We have put our list together with simplicity in mind. We include a total gross weekly rate, taxable hourly rate, weekly stipends, overtime rates, and gap rates (when applicable) in our quotes. For additional clarity, theses rates are explained as follows:

  • Total Gross Weekly rate —this is your total weekly pay, given you are strictly working guaranteed hours.​

  • ex. If 32 hours are guaranteed each week, this is the rate for 32 hours.


  • Weekly Stipends —this amount is calculated based on allowable amounts depending on standards for regional stipend allowances

  • Taxable hourly rate —this is the taxable rate you earn during your guaranteed hours

    • We arrive at this amount by subtracting your Weekly Stipends from your Total Gross Weekly rate distributed over guaranteed hours.

    • (Total Gross Weekly – Weekly Stipends) / Guaranteed Hours = Taxable Hourly Rate

  • Gap rate –this is the pay rate for hours greater than guaranteed hours and before overtime

    • For example, on a 36 guaranteed hour contract, the gap rate is paid for hours 36.01 – 40



2.  Your pay rate is much higher than other companies that I have worked for . How did you do this?

Veracitycare Staffing has a very low overhead business model. We developed our model in order to put more money in nurses’ pockets. While traditional nurse staffing agencies need the dollars to pay an office full of recruiters making cold calls, we have designed our agency to boost your paycheck!

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